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Body Toning in Beaufort, SC

Understanding Body Toning

It’s inevitable. While your muscles grow and strengthen until about age 30, sometime after 30, muscles begin to deteriorate. One of the effects of aging is a decrease in muscle definition and mass. While working out is great for fitness, you’re still losing muscle.

Body toning can help address and reverse some of the natural muscle degeneration that occurs with age. At Pure Medical Spa, we provide a non-invasive body toning procedure that allows you to enjoy increased muscle mass and definition with no downtime.

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What is Body Toning?

Body toning at Pure Medical Spa is an in-office procedure that uses bio-lectric energy to contract muscles up to 20,000 times in a 30-minute session. Each treatment creates the effects of a heavyweight training session and can lead to a 30% increase in muscle development.

Body toning benefits

  • The body toning procedure is customized to meet your specific goals
  • Body toning builds muscle mass and helps grow muscle tissue
  • Body toning “hyper contracts” the muscles to surpass what you can accomplish by lifting weights
  • The body toning procedure is noninvasive
  • The procedure takes only 30 minutes
  • There is no downtime – you don’t have to miss work or other engagements
Body Toning


We recommend 6 body toning sessions over the course of three weeks with occasional sessions beyond that to help maintain muscle tone.

Patients generally see results anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks after the final treatment. Individual results may vary.

No. Body toning is a noninvasive procedure that results in no downtime.

No, but you’ll feel your muscles contract. Patients say the treatment is not painful but describe it as “intense.”

You’ll likely feel a minimal amount of muscle soreness which will last no longer than 72 hours.

Contact Pure Medical Spa for Body Toning

Pure Medical Spa can help you build muscle mass and definition. Our individualized treatment methods target your problem areas, and our expert practitioners make the process quick and easy with no inconvenient downtime. To get your muscles toned and defined, contact Pure Medical Spa to schedule an initial consultation today!

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