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Tone Your Body With Body Sculpting

What is Body Sculpting?

Who doesn’t wish that they could lose an inch of fat here, a love handle there, or reduce the infamous “spare tire” around their midsection even just a little bit? Some of us diet and exercise until we’re blue in the face, while others rely on surgically invasive fat removal procedures to finally rid themselves of persistent deposits. But there is a middle ground, a non-invasive fat-reduction procedure that can be performed quickly, painlessly, and with wonderful results!

Our body sculpting (also called body contouring) procedure uses laser energy to tackle unwanted fat nearly anywhere on the body!

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Benefits of Body Sculpting at Pure Medical Spa

With our body sculpting method, there are no incisions, protracted recovery periods, or extreme discomfort involved. Best of all: It can reduce fat in the targeted area by as much as 25%! 

Benefits of body sculpting include:

  • Sleeker profiles
  • Thinner waistlines
  • More tone appearance
  • Boosted confidence
  • Increased comfort
  • No scarring or pain

Body Sculpting Results

Patients may require several appointments to achieve the best possible results. Different body sculpting procedures achieve different results over varied periods. Most patients will notice an improvement in as little as three weeks, with full results becoming visible three months following the final procedure!

Body Sculpting


The targeted fat is permanently destroyed! This does not mean, however, that fat can no longer be added to the targeted areas. Even so, many patients maintain their body sculpting results for up to ten years or longer!

Each treatment cycle takes about 25 minutes. It takes four minutes to build up the temperature of the target tissue and 21 minutes of sustained temperature to achieve the desired results.

There may be–at worst–some mild discomfort from the procedure. Most patients say that they find the treatment to be quite comfortable.

Our body sculpting treatment has been certified as safe by FDA. The treatment is seen as a much safer version of surgical procedures that require anesthesia, incisions, and painful recovery periods.

When compared to surgical fat removal procedures, body sculpting is not only safer but more affordable as well!

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Once put on, fat can be hard to take off naturally. Everyone is built differently, and sometimes our metabolism or exercise routine simply can’t cut it. Fat can linger on parts of our bodies for years or for the rest of our lives. Body sculpting offers a non-surgical procedure to reduce these trouble areas once and for all!

If you’re ready to finally lose an inch or two here or there, call Pure Medical Spa today to learn more about body sculpting and the remarkable results!

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